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Balance Privacy and Personalization with First-Party Data Strategies

The customer-business relationship is often seen as a dilemma, as customers demand privacy and control over their data, whilst businesses strive for personalisation to improve engagement and drive sales. First-party data can help to balance both of these goals. Join a live webinar, presented by OneTrust, to hear best practices and tips on how to leverage first-party data whilst maintaining privacy and compliance. Registration is open now – Balance Privacy and Personalization With These First-Party Data Strategies.

First-party data is data collected by the business directly from its customers, such as customer surveys, web analytics, and customer preferences. It is seen as a valuable source of data for businesses, as it provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences, which can be used to personalise the customer experience and drive sales. However, with data privacy laws increasing in complexity and scope, businesses need to ensure that they are compliant with the regulations and not using customer data to an excessive level.

The webinar will provide business professionals with the knowledge and advice required to successfully leverage first-party data in order to engage customers and drive sales, whilst still upholding customer privacy and adhering to data privacy regulations. It will feature OneTrust’s Consent and Preference Management expert and will provide actionable insights to help businesses find the right balance between privacy and personalisation.

Register now for this free webinar and learn how to use first-party data to improve customer engagement and sales, all while ensuring customer privacy and compliance.

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