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Data-Driven ABM: Crafting a Competitive Edge

Account-based marketing (ABM) can give B2B marketers a competitive edge if they use the right data. To make an effective ABM strategy, marketers should begin with a strong brand presence, gathering intelligence from marketing campaigns, and prioritising data insights. Creating brand awareness is essential for any ABM strategy. This means having a baseline level of awareness in the marketplace and being part of the conversation. This will help ensure that when marketers engage their ideal customer, they will already know who they are. Once the brand is established in the marketplace, marketers should look to gather intelligence from their marketing campaigns. This data can help marketers create messages that resonate with their prospects. Additionally, researching the market can help identify key prospects while also providing insights into what channels are most successful in reaching accounts in that market. When marketers have identified their prospects, they should look to prioritise data insights. This could include finding out more about a prospect's pain points and the specific products they are looking to buy. Marketers can also use this data for audience segmentation, helping them create relevant content for nurture campaigns and other communications. By making your marketing strategy more data-driven, you can implement an ABM strategy that is personalised and active on the right channels in an increasingly cluttered digital environment.

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