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Exploring AI for Marketing: The Real Story Group's Martech

The Real Story Group's martech is expanding, with the introduction of a new line dedicated to artificial intelligence for marketing. This fifteenth annual iteration of the map features a highly selective range of martech vendors, showing the main capabilities of some of the major vendors. Adobe and Oracle, for example, offer all 10 capabilities. Salesforce is one short, as it’s still not in the digital asset management game. Persado is a familiar name, offering a platform which uses deep learning to generate language with mathematically demonstrable appeal to consumers. Typeface is a solution which generates content “for work”, aimed at the enterprise. is a research organisation, and its creation ChatGPT can be used for any purpose within the bounds of creative generation. Medium and large-sized businesses are likely to incorporate ChatGPT into a broader workflow, which if it’s marketing-related, is AI for marketing.

Originally reported by Martech:
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