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Salesforce and AWS Expand Partnership: Streamlined Purchasing and Enhanced AI Capabilities

Salesforce and AWS have announced an expansion of their existing partnership, with Salesforce's core products now available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace. This simplified product access will provide customers with a streamlined purchasing experience and enable them to leverage AWS credits for Salesforce purchases. Additionally, Salesforce and AWS are collaborating to empower developers to build and deploy AI-powered applications seamlessly, including enabling Salesforce Prompt Builder to integrate with large language models hosted on Amazon Bedrock and utilizing the Einstein Trust Layer for secure fine-tuning of neural networks. Heroku AI capabilities will also be enhanced by leveraging AWS's AI-optimized infrastructure, such as AWS Trainium, AWS Inferentia and third-party graphics cards. Lastly, Salesforce and AWS will integrate their data management capabilities to streamline data access and utilization for Salesforce’s Data Cloud platform. This expansion should make it easier for marketers to access the tools and data they need to do their jobs more effectively, helping to improve the customer experience, generate more leads and increase ROI. However, it may also increase vendor lock-in, making it more difficult and expensive to switch to other providers in the future. This is thanks to the Salesforce Prompt Builder, which helps developers find the best version of each AI prompt used by their company’s employees and can be saved as templates and shared with users. Furthermore, the Einstein Trust Layer makes it possible to fine-tune neural networks on datasets stored in Salesforce without giving those neural networks access to sensitive business information. The expanded partnership is available in the US, with more products and regions set to be added in the future.

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