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Do B2B Marketers Need a Marketing Automation Platform?

Does every B2B marketing organisation need a marketing automation platform? With the increasing demand for personalisation, it's hard to imagine that most B2B marketing teams won't find compelling reasons to automate at least some of their processes. Our new report, “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” is now available for free download.

B2B buyers expect companies to anticipate their needs and concerns, meaning personalisation is an increasingly important part of B2B marketing. Managing multiple channels and devices, ensuring alignment between sales and marketing goals, and maximising ROI can all be helped by the use of a marketing automation platform (MAP). Benefits include increased marketing efficiency, better lead generation and conversion, and improved visibility into buyer behaviour. Download our report to learn more.

The proliferation of channels and devices makes it difficult to target prospects effectively, and with the COVID pandemic accelerating the shift to online interactions, relevance is more important than ever. Prospects are managing more of the buying process themselves, creating short lists of vendors without ever speaking to a sales rep. A MAP helps marketers create targeted, creative campaigns that align with sales goals, and increase efficiency and ROI. Download our report to learn more about the potential benefits of B2B MAPs.

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