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Booksy Uses Digital Asset Management to Streamline Global Marketing and Sales

Booksy is a popular appointment-making platform, especially in the beauty industry. To better manage the digital assets they use to promote their business, they implemented a digital asset management (DAM) system recently. This has helped them internally, making it easier to create and access assets across their growing organization. It has also helped them externally by providing assets businesses can use to promote themselves on digital channels, and to coordinate marketing and sales. This is done by consolidating internal marketing and sales assets for Booksy’s outreach and by making digital marketing assets accessible to customers. Rebecca Baxter, Booksy’s global marketing coordinator, at The MarTech Conference said that the new DAM system helps them keep version control and eliminates silos, duplicates and inefficiencies. It allows them to align their assets to different stages of their product positioning, and to easily provide country-specific localized materials. The guiding principle behind this is collaboration; having a single system that everyone uses allows global thinking while everyone acts locally.

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