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"Understanding the Product for Successful Martech and MOps"

Why understanding the product is a must in martech, MOps

Martech and marketing operations (MOps) practitioners often feel disconnected from their companies’ products. While there’s little difference in managing a campaign to sell blenders or airplanes, understanding the specific product is essential for administering the marketing automation platform. Knowing the company’s products helps tie their work to the organization’s goals and performance metrics. Here are some examples from my career where making an effort to understand the product led to greater marketing results.

B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

A high-level understanding of the product is always handy in B2B SaaS. While working for Zuora, I learned what the company’s products are trying to solve for revenue professionals. This doesn’t require taking a finance or accounting class or earning an MBA. Keywords play a key role in digital marketing. Knowing which ones are most relevant to the target audience helps with system administration, design messaging and A/B testing. Understanding — and speaking to — prospective customers’ pain points isn’t just for the business development, account executive and customer success folks.


As part of my current gig with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, I learned that hospitality has significant similarities with fast food. Wyndham manages the overall portfolio of brands, provides guidance and support to franchisors, builds overall brand awareness and offers other services. Thus, I'm helping sell far more than hotel rooms and amenities — including opportunities for entrepreneurs. Along those lines, loyalty programs are a big part of the business, providing associated airlines with financial cover as travel plummeted during the pandemic. They also allowed companies to continue engaging customers and generating revenue through partners.

Product understanding informs your efforts

When martech and MOps practitioners better understand their company’s products, they can skillfully partner with colleagues to coordinate marketing campaigns and better tie efforts to corporate goals. This helps decrease the time butting heads with others to decipher the target audience and broader organizational needs, providing informed insight that can garner success for all. We’re the practitioners with technical acumen. A significant part of our duties is to help translate our colleagues’ persuasive brilliance into the digital realm.

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