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"The Container Store's Cost-Effective College Promotion Through SMS and Mobile Channels"

The Container Store is leveraging SMS and other mobile channels to boost back-to-school sales. The company has partnered with texting platform Vibes to manage their campaign, which includes SMS (texts), MMS (with enhanced multimedia creative) and mobile wallet. Calls-to-action are also included in complementary digital media, such as social and search. This is the third year The Container Store has used this platform. Last year, they enrolled over 121,000 subscribers, a 61% increase from the previous year. Mobile-attributed revenue was also three times higher than the year before. The campaign has been expanded this year, starting earlier than usual (in April instead of June) to engage graduating high school students and those giving gifts. The retailer also doesn't require any verification to sign up, allowing family members and friends to join the program. Those who want to sign up text “class” and receive a promo code for a 25% discount. They can transfer this discount to a mobile wallet, enabling them to scan in at a brick-and-mortar checkout or apply the code to an online purchase. They also receive product-related texts. The team managing the campaign includes two marketers and a digital marketer who oversees paid search, organic social, and paid social. The campaign segments customers into common interests, making sure that they don't receive irrelevant messages. This helps drive up attributed revenue when customers click through and buy. The Vibes platform is cost-effective, which allows smaller organisations to run campaigns similar to The Container Store's. Intelligent texting is essential, matching customers with the right products and expanding the retailer's offerings for students living in small spaces. The Container Store’s college promotion runs through September.

Originally reported by Martech:
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