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Big Lots: Navigating Changing Identities and Rising Expectations

Big Lots is a national retailer that faced challenges in delivering relevant customer experiences due to changing identity landscapes and rising customer expectations. To address these challenges, they created a roadmap to align organizational teams and connect customer data. In order to stay relevant, Big Lots had to quickly pivot when Apple rolled out mail privacy protection and Google announced the phasing out of third-party cookies. They implemented a customer data platform, partnered with Merkle to use their Merkury identity technology and built an analytics and data science team and a customer marketing team. These efforts enabled Big Lots to understand the data tied to customer experiences and create a single, common customer identity. To ensure success, they set up a roadmap that puts the customer at the center and breaks down channel silos. To deliver relevant customer experiences, Big Lots has demonstrated that it is important to stay agile and innovate with technology, to have clear ownership of identity within the organization, and to keep customers at the forefront of strategic roadmaps.

Originally reported by Martech:
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