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Spotify Brings Video Ads to Roku - Expanding Ad Reach to 500+ Million Users

Spotify, the leading audio streaming platform, is introducing video ads on their Roku app. This is part of their Video Takeover ad experience that is seen by their users on mobile, tablets and desktops. This move is the start of Spotify's CTV Partner Network, allowing brands to reach more users on any device. This is important as consumer behaviour is evolving and brands are missing an opportunity if they don't have a presence on the bigger screens in the house.

The Spotify video app has been available on Roku for over a decade, allowing users to compile playlists, search for content and watch artist clips and video podcasts. Spotify also offers ad products such as Sponsored Sessions and visual call-to-action cards, as well as upcoming video podcast ads. With a global audience of over 500 million, this is an excellent opportunity for brands to reach new customers.

Lee Brown, Global Head of Advertising Business and Platform at Spotify, stated that it had been a long-term goal of Spotify to make their platform available to anyone on any device. This partnership with Roku helps to answer the call from advertisers who want more ways to reach their users.

Originally reported by Martech:
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