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Revolutionizing Digital Out-of-Home Advertising with Beeyond TrueReach

Programmatic advertising has revolutionised the way brands reach their target audiences, and now this technology is being used to target digital out-of-home (DOOH). Beeyond Media, a programmatic DOOH demand-side platform (DSP), has launched a new segmentation tool, Beeyond TrueReach, to allow brands to pick from over 900 criteria to create audience segments. It also provides performance data to optimise campaigns on-the-fly. Brands such as Heineken and American Express are already using the DSP.

With the increase in DOOH inventory available to advertisers programmatically, brands have better opportunities to reach their target audiences and integrate DOOH into multi-channel campaigns. This can reduce wasted impressions and ad dollars, as targeting precision improves, and allow for more personalised messaging, strategic ad placement, and predictive analytics.

The Beeyond TrueReach tool uses data from various sources to understand target audiences’ behaviours, preferences and demographics. Segmentation criteria includes demographic characteristics, locations, behaviours, interests, contexts, purchase intent, and lifestyle choices. This data can be used to create personalised ad content, position ads in strategic locations, review campaign performance, and predict future behaviour.

To protect consumer privacy, the tool uses synthetic population generation, a method used in computational modelling to create a statistically representative population for a given area that doesn’t correspond to any real individual. This allows for precise targeting without compromising privacy.

Using DOOH for marketing campaigns can drive brand awareness, website visits, social media engagement, store visits, sales and conversions, lead generation, and event attendance. Depending on the campaign goals and the nature of the product or service, marketers can measure success using metrics such as ad recall, brand recognition, increased search volume, website traffic, coupon redemptions, sales, e-commerce data, and more.

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