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Review Recordings on Mobile Enhancements

Customers can now enjoy an improved experience on mobile conversation intelligence across all mobile platforms as Android is now fully live on all the latest features and on-par with iOS.

HubSpot has added new and enhanced features to improve the overall user and discoverability experience. Sales managers and reps will have an easier way to discover what recording to review next as well as an elevated experience when doing so. Sales coaching on-the-go was never so easy!

As a sales manager, finding time to coach reps is hard. As a sales rep, finding time for self-coaching is hard too. Thanks to mobile conversation intelligence, sales managers and reps can coach and onboard wherever, whenever. HubSpot just made it easier now!

Improving how sales managers and reps discover recordings to review as well as their experience in doing so is critical to increase adoption. Doing so will also make this a useful feature for them to boost their overall sales team and individual performance.d5dc2816-9c81-415b-8f70-4105a2019c52

Let's look at how it works.

Recordings are available from the 'More tab' on the iOS and Android App. Here you will see a list of all the calls that have been recorded in your HubSpot portal (video or audio).

Here is a list of newly added features:

  • Enhanced Recording Discoverability - HubSpot added sorting (by date), filtering (by 'assigned to', 'has transcript') and local search functionality within the recordings list page to help our users find the best recordings to review next based on their key preferences. There's no longer the need to trawl through long lists of recordings to find those that you want to focus on.
  • Enhanced User Experience - Introducing new features to help our customers have a better and more productive (self)coaching experience when reviewing recordings.
    • Tap text-to-play → jump straight to the recording clip from the transcript text
    • Highlight speaker text & transcript autoscroll → easy follow up of transcript in tandem with recording play
    • Resume auto-scroll button → quickly catch up transcript to current recording play
    • Transcript enhancements
    • Push notifications when @ mentioned in recording comments → don’t miss any comments and quickly act on the provided feedback by receiving notifications
    • New recording Info tab → have all the call's context at your fingertips
    • Play controls on locked screen and notification centre → easily manage key play controls when on the move.
    • Autoplay for both Android and iOS → get straight into reviewing recordings without further due.

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