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Post Chat Feedback Collection

We are excited to announce that your support agents can now collect customer satisfaction feedback on their chat conversations, directly from within the chat immediately after the chat conversation is closed. Feedback can be collected for your chatbots as well.

Collecting feedback is vital to understanding your customer experience. Until now, there has been no way to collect feedback about chat conversations instantly. Instead, a feedback survey would be sent via email separately after the chat conversation ended. One downside of using a separate feedback email is that the response rates are lower than expected and there can be a missed opportunity for support agents and teams to continuously improve their quality of support. More importantly, the feedback received via email does not associate with the chat conversation.

With more and more users relying on chat to connect with their customers, there is a growing need to understand how helpful those conversations are, and what can be done to improve the experience.

Connecting feedback and Chatflows is how we close that loop for users. Post chat feedback can be used by departments to improve their chat strategy, by managers to improve their team’s effectiveness, and by agents to improve their own performance.

Let's look at how it works.

You can start collecting feedback on chat conversations by either selecting an existing CSAT survey or by creating a new CSAT survey. If you don't have any Chatflows or would like to create a new chat flow, you may either create the Chatflow first or the CSAT survey first and connect them both as required.

The below flow describes how to connect an existing Chatflow to a new CSAT survey.

1. Edit the existing Chatflow of your choice

Edit existing chatflow

2. Under the "Options tab", you should see the option to “Collect feedback from chat visitors”.

Chatflows Options Tab - Create New Feedback Survey3. Upon clicking “Create new survey”, a new CSAT Survey will be created. Save the Chatflow to and link the newly created CSAT Survey to the chatflow.

Please note that the CSAT survey has not been published yet.

New CSAT Survey created from within Chatflow

4. In order to make any changes to the CSAT survey such as renaming it, customising the survey question and feedback follow-up questions, setting up a custom thank you message etc. and publishing it, click on "Go to survey editor".

Under the "Targeting" tab in the CSAT survey editor, note that the chatflow has already been selected to the one from which the CSAT Survey creation was initiated

Targeting tab under CSAT Survey Editor with the chatflow selected

5. Once the survey is published, you will see a success message as shown below. Clicking on “Manage Chatflows” will automatically redirect you to the Chatflows list view.

Survey Creation Success Message

Chatflow with connected feedback survey_list view

6. When the chat ends, the end user will see the CSAT survey as shown below.

CSAT survey inside chat window

7. Once the end user submits the rating for the CSAT survey, it will appear in the chat thread.

Chat feedback in the chat thread

8. The survey responses for the Chatflow will then be listed under the connected survey response.

Chat feedback listed under survey responses

9. The same process can be followed to set up feedback surveys for bots. Please see an example of the Chatflows list view with multiple live chat and bots connected to feedback surveys.

Chatflows list view with connected csat survey for Live chat and Bots


  • Currently, only CSAT surveys can be added to Chatflows.
  • This is not supported for "Facebook Messenger".

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