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Playbooks & Call Transcription in Sales & Service Professional

New and existing Sales and Service Hub Professional customers now have access to two exciting features - Playbooks and Call Transcription & Coaching.

Customer conversations are the richest source of actionable insights for both sales and service leaders and reps. Until today, Sales and Service Hub Professional customers were expected to lead engaging, meaningful calls with prospects and customers while also scribbling down notes of the most important information. This can be distracting and result in unfocused conversations, not to mention countless hours of lost customer data.

Now with Playbooks, reps can have focused conversations with customers and managers can rest assured that reps hit all of the key points. Playbooks make it easy to take notes as you go, keeping the customer responses in the context of the questions they answer.

With Call Transcription & Coaching, you never have to worry about losing data you don’t write down. The added ability to search within a transcript or across all your transcribed calls makes it easier than ever to find exactly what information you need. Managers can use transcripts and search to provide focused feedback for reps without having to listen to an entire call.

Let's look at how it works.

Playbooks in Professional allows customers to create up to 5 playbooks (vs. 5,000 in Enterprise), and does not include the ability to add embedded properties. Call Transcription & Coaching in Professional gives you access to 750 hours of transcription. Recordings made by users with an assigned Sales or Service Hub Professional seat will be transcribed. Transcription is available for HubSpot's default content creation languages. HubSpot will transcribe the call in the language selected in your account settings.

Getting started with transcription is easy, and starts with capturing recorded calls in HubSpot.

  • Use HubSpot calling? Navigate to Settings > Calling and check “Allow Call Recording.”
  • If you use a third party for calling like Zoom or another supported provider, install the integration, then follow individual steps to add recordings to HubSpot.

Next, turn on transcription (you’ll need to be an admin of your HubSpot portal). Go to Settings > Calling > Transcription and Analysis and turn on Transcription and Analysis. Once transcription is turned on. HubSpot will transcribe the last 7 days of recordings if they are present. You will be notified when the recordings are transcribed.

Users can click into Contacts > Calls > filter by Transcript Available is True and click into any call recording to review and search the transcript.

The Godfather of HubSpot tips and tricks videos, Kyle Jepson, addressed this exciting upgrade on his Linkedin page.

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