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Navigating the Transition to Google Analytics 4: An Interview with Alex Lirtsman

Having a tough time with the transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? You're not alone, says Alex Lirtsman, co-founder of the marketing agency Ready Set Rocket and founder and CEO of marketing/BI platform Corral Data. As such, he has seen how big and small companies are handling the switchover. We sat down with Alex and asked him about the transition to GA4 and other related topics.

Alex explained that in his opinion, Google had botched the transition, as the user experience of GA4 was far less intuitive than that of UA. He observed the stress this switch had caused both from his role as a data platform vendor, as well as from his role as a co-founder of a digital agency. He likened the transition from UA to GA4 to going from CDs to a streaming service, where sessions were the equivalent of CDs and events the equivalent of a streaming service.

Alex noted that many companies had waited until the last minute to migrate, resulting in some confusion as data could not be directly imported from UA to GA4. He suggested using AI to pull in both UA and GA4 data into a data warehouse to compare year-over-year data. He also noted the challenge for marketers was that the new UI was not intuitive, and the naming conventions had changed.

Despite the challenges, Alex acknowledged the need for the transition, as well as the cost-effectiveness of GA4, but warned that some marketers may disengage from being data-driven due to the complexity.

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