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Investing in Digital Customer Success: SaaS Companies Realise the Importance

Almost all SaaS companies are investing or maintaining their investment in customer success, while digital customer success is steadily growing with 48% currently using it. This is according to a survey of 400 North American businesses by customer success platform Gainsight in partnership with Benchmarkit, a B2B SaaS research firm. Retention is still the primary metric used to measure customer success performance (64%).

Digital customer success is an approach that combines digital and human touchpoints to support customers. It is popular with brands trying to do “more with less” as it uses a “digital first” approach. The three leading channels for Digital CS operations are digital events (webinars, conferences; 78%), marketing automation (65%) and in-app messaging (56%).

While Gainsight is not a disinterested party in this research, it is interesting to note that customer success is widely promoted by SaaS companies, yet customers often only hear from them at subscription renewal time. This signals a focus on retention rather than solving customer problems and expanding revenue. Digital customer success is an efficient use of customer success resources, however it cannot yet provide the same level of support as a human, especially one familiar with the account. This is why requests that exceed digital capabilities must be quickly routed to the right person.

Overall, SaaS companies are realising the importance of customer success and are investing in digital customer success to make sure their customer needs are met. Doing “more with less” is now possible with digital customer success, however there are still some requests that require the human touch.

Originally reported by Martech:
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