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Google Ads Apology for Automatic GA4 Property Confusion

Google Ads has apologised for causing confusion with a recent account update which saw configurations from Universal Analytics (UA) automatically migrated to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). The update was planned following the sunset of UA and notifications were issued, but some were taken by surprise as the turndown of UA has taken longer than expected. Advertisers have been experiencing issues with their accounts following the automatic updates, which may impact their ability to create reports and monitor campaign performance. To rectify this, Google is automatically migrating configurations – such as “goals”, “audiences”, etc. – from your UA property that have not been marked as complete to your GA4 property. This will impact anyone who has not opted out of automatically created GA4 properties. If you didn’t opt out in time and don’t want your automatically configured GA4 property, there are steps to follow to disconnect it. You can also check and adjust key metrics in your UA property to match those in your new GA4 property as closely as possible. If you’re an advertiser, you can compare data from UA and Google GA4 in Google Ads in a similar way. GA4 properties made automatically only have basic features. To make the most of your new property, you might need to add extra features that suit your business and measurement requirements. Google Ads has apologised for any confusion caused and recommended that those encountering problems contact Support or the Google Ads Product Liaison officer.

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