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Event Marketing: A Unexpected Comeback for Tech & Martech B2B Brands

In a digital marketing world, event marketing is making an unexpected comeback. People crave real human connections, and events offer a great opportunity to engage with tech and martech B2B brands. Calian IT & Cyber Solutions successfully utilise event marketing, with VP of marketing and alliances Salim Gheewalla having created a methodology of 'Know me. Like me. Trust me. Pay me.' His formula for successful event marketing is based on a mix of the right people in the room, an interesting topic, and a convenient experience. To create a successful event, marketers must develop a story and a goal, know who’s in the room, create content-worthy moments, and amplify the event. Social media channels are ideal for this, as they offer many opportunities to boost success. After the event, it’s important to thank the attendees and get feedback. In the current climate, event marketing is an essential tool for tech and martech B2B brands to engage with customers and gain brand recognition.

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