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Evaluating Your Needs For a Marketing Work Management Platform

Do you need a marketing work management platform for your business? It is important to evaluate your organisational needs, resources, and management support before making this decision. Consider the following questions: does the platform fit with your current processes or would you need to change them? How do your employees manage their own productivity? Do you have C-level buy-in? What systems must the platform integrate with? Do you have the right technical resources? Can you invest in staff training and educate outside stakeholders? Have you established KPIs and put a system in place for tracking, measuring and reporting results? Do you have realistic expectations?

Marketing work management platforms help marketing leaders and their teams structure their day-to-day work to meet their goals on deadline and within budget constraints, while managing resources and facilitating communication and collaboration. Key functions include task assignments, time tracking, budgeting, team communication, file sharing, and more. These tools help marketers navigate the new workflows brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as helping them design interfaces, write content, and create engaging visual assets. They also assist with agile workflow practices, and optimise and document projects undertaken by digital marketers.

The decision to adopt a marketing work management platform is an important one, and requires a comprehensive self-assessment of your organisation’s business needs, resources, staffing, management support, and financial resources. Investing in the right tool will improve process clarity, transparency, and accountability, helping marketers keep work on track.

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