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Criteo & Phuzion Partner to Advance 'Phygital' Experiences

Commerce media platform Criteo has partnered with U.K.-based mobile image recognition platform Phuzion Media to bridge the gap between offline and online experiences. The goal of the partnership is to connect data from traditional media, such as catalogs and direct mail, with digital conversions. The Phuzion platform does not rely on QR codes, allowing customers to connect to the product they want to research or purchase using only the lens on their mobile phone. Currently, the platform works with major British retailers including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Very, integrating into retailer apps or via the mobile web.

This partnership marks a new era of ‘phygital’ experiences, where tech vendors are finding ways to link ecommerce experiences with brick-and-mortar interactions. Through this collaboration, retailers will be able to better attribute offline sources and evaluate media spend more effectively.

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