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Buyer Selected Quantity on Payment Links


Buyers can now have control to select the quantity of each product they want to purchase when checking out. This is a configurable setting on each line item added to a payment link.

By allowing buyers to select their desired quantity, we remove friction from checking out and reduce the overhead our customers need to sell their product offerings. Our customers previously had to configure the exact set of products and quantities they wanted their buyer to purchase. This was causing customers to create multiple payment links and direct their buyers to the correct payment link.

Let's look at how it works 

When configuring a line item for a payment link, a customer can select if the quantity should be editable by buyers. If this setting is turned on, buyers can adjust the quantity for that line item between 1-99. When the buyer checks out, they will be charged and receive a sales receipt for their purchase.e806dbb1-9c95-49d7-aa94-d50eb30e56df


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