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Associations Limits Increase

HubSpot increased the number of associations you can make between one object type to another from 10,000 to 50,000. For most object type pairs (e.g., contact and company), you will now be able to create more associations than ever before and leverage those associations across HubSpot.

Historically if you tried to create more than 10,000 associations to a single object, associations would stop being created. Now you’ll be able to associate up to 50,000 records to a single object (like 50,000 contacts to a single company!) and use those associations across the HubSpot platform.

These associations will be visible on record pages and can be used across HubSpot’s workflows, lists, and reports to drive your business and support your growth.

Let's look at how it works.

You can continue to associate objects as you normally would (via API, import, or the HubSpot UI). The only difference is that with this update you’ll now be empowered to associate up to 50,000 records to a single object.

Please note that there are a small subset of association types that will not leverage the new association limit.

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