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Ad Performance Metrics in Custom Reporting

If you have a connected Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ad account, you will now be able to see ad performance metrics in custom reporting. The power of custom reports coupled with your ad performance metrics data means you can now create reports that show year over year spend. You can also drill into specific campaigns and add them to a dashboard, or drill down to the ad level and compare spend across ads in a single report! The possibilities are endless.

By allowing this data into custom reporting, you can now fully utilise the power of custom reporting to take your ads reporting to the next level. The new metrics that will now be surfaced in custom reporting are:

Ad account currency code
Ad account ID
Ad account name
Ad accounts properties
Ad campaign end date
Ad campaign ID
Ad campaign name
Ad campaign start date
Ad group end date
Ad group ID
Ad group name
Ad group start date
Ad name
Ad network
Amount spent
Amount spent in portal currency
Count of ad accounts
Count of ad campaigns
Count of ad groups
Count of ad performance metrics
Count of ads
Created by user ID
Daily budget
Lifetime budget
Network conversions
Object create date/time
Object ID
Object last modified date/time
Portal currency code
Report date
Updated by user ID
Video Plays at 25%

Let's look at how it works.

You can navigate to Custom Reports and then select "Ad performance metrics" as your Primary Data Source. More information about using ad performance metrics in the Custom Report Builder can be found in our Knowledge Base article.



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