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"Unleashing the Power of Creative Guidance: Google Ads' New AI Tool for YouTube Campaign Optimisation"

Google Ads has launched a new feature to optimise YouTube campaigns called Creative Guidance. This AI tool evaluates content and provides best-practice feedback to ensure ad campaigns are as effective as possible. Creative Guidance can detect if your video ad is missing key attributes such as a brand logo, the correct video duration, a high-quality voice-over, and the correct aspect ratio. Depending on what’s missing, users will receive suggestions for high-impact improvements as well as links to handy tools that will boost the performance of their campaign. Google has confirmed that it will be introducing more attributes in the future.

The Creative Guidance feature is now available through Recommendations and has been integrated into Video Analytics within Google Ads. This tool offers rapid feedback and actionable steps to ensure ideal setup and quick optimisation to maximise video ad performance, making it an invaluable asset for tech-savvy business professionals.

Originally reported by Martech:
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