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"Revolutionizing B2B Lead Gen: The Power of Programmatic Ads"

Revolutionizing B2B Lead Generation: The Power of Programmatic Advertising

In today's fast-paced digital world, paid media dominates the B2B marketing landscape. However, lead generation remains a manual process, riddled with inefficiencies. This can hinder the success of your B2B marketing tactics.

Efficiency vs. Scalability

While search ads are efficient, they often only target bottom-of-the-funnel leads, limiting scalability. On the other hand, display ads are scalable but can become inefficient as you scale. In both cases, there is minimal human interaction in a programmatic world.

The Cost of Lead Generation

Many B2B marketers turn to cost-per-lead (CPL) activation, also known as lead gen, through content syndication. This involves purchasing leads from aggregators or buying a list of leads and reaching out to them via phone or email. However, there is a lack of transparency among aggregators and brokers, causing concern for marketers.

Furthermore, despite the low initial costs, there are additional costs involved in marketing and sales efforts to work these leads. This includes warm-up via digital advertising, one-to-one outreach, and brand awareness, all of which add up and drive up the cost per lead.

The Inefficiency of B2B Media Publishers

In search of transparency and quality, many B2B marketers turn to B2B media publishers for content syndication campaigns. However, this process is highly manual and time-consuming, as marketers need to reach out to each publisher individually to compare audience data and pricing. Making changes and optimizations also involve manual processes, adding to the overall cost.

Introducing Audyence: A 'DSP for Lead Gen'

Karl Van Buren, a B2B media veteran and co-founder of Audyence, recognized the need for a more efficient and cost-effective approach to lead gen. Their real-time demand (RTD) platform, launched in February, combines the best of programmatic paid media with content syndication leads.

The platform acts as a 'DSP for lead gen', allowing advertisers to work in one platform, receive one invoice, and access a wide network of publishers. This not only saves time but also gives advertisers the flexibility to choose which publishers to work with and how much budget to allocate to each one.

The Power of Data

Audyence's success lies in its use of data, which is abundant in the world of programmatic display. As the platform collects more data from campaigns, it can help optimize and make decisions for advertisers, improving efficiency and lowering costs.

Real Results

Since its launch, Audyence has seen impressive results from its beta testing with agencies and advertisers. On average, CPLs have decreased by 47%, and campaigns are going to market 95% faster than traditional lead gen methods.

Don't get left behind in the manual, inefficient world of B2B lead generation. Embrace the power of programmatic advertising with Audyence and revolutionize the way you reach and convert leads.

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