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"Revolutionizing Ad Targeting: OpenX's Cookieless Deal Library"

OpenX, a leading omnichannel SSP, is launching an innovative Cookieless Deal Library that will revolutionise the way advertisers test and activate campaigns. This new feature allows advertisers to explore a variety of alternatives to third-party cookies, offering more flexibility and accuracy in targeting their desired audience. And the best part? The Deal Library is agnostic to DSP choice, making it easier for advertisers to seamlessly integrate it into their current workflow. But why should business professionals care about this new development? Well, for starters, Google has finally announced the deprecation of third-party cookies, after years of speculations and delays. With this change, advertisers will need to adapt to new ways of targeting and measuring the success of their campaigns. And that's where OpenX's Deal Library comes in. With the Deal Library, advertisers can not only test different solutions, but also compare them against each other and establish new performance benchmarks. This is a crucial step in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, as it allows advertisers to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. So, what are the alternatives that OpenX is offering in their Deal Library? Let's take a closer look: - Alternative Identifiers Deals: This includes solutions from Digiseg, ID5, and LiveRamp's RampID. These alternative identifiers offer a more accurate way of targeting without relying on third-party cookies. - Attention Deals: These deals focus on high-quality and highly-engaged ad inventory, with options such as Adelaide, Oracle Moat, and TVision. This allows advertisers to reach their desired audience in a more effective manner. - Contextual Deals: Contextual advertising has been gaining popularity in recent years, and with the Deal Library, advertisers can access solutions from 4D, Audigent, Captify, and more. These deals use keywords and website content to target relevant audiences. - ID-Free Audience Deals: Dstillery's ID-free solution uses AI-powered analysis of digital journey patterns to target audiences without relying on third-party cookies. - CTV Deals: With the rise of Connected TV (CTV), Samba TV's solution in the Deal Library allows advertisers to reach audiences on this platform without using cookies. - Privacy Sandbox Topics Deals: Google's Privacy Sandbox is a new initiative that aims to provide a more privacy-friendly way of targeting. OpenX is offering this solution in their Deal Library, allowing advertisers to test its effectiveness. - Publisher First-Party Data Deals: Finally, OpenX has also included solutions that use first-party data from publishers, such as Audigent's Smart PMPs. This allows advertisers to reach specific audiences on premium websites. In short, OpenX's Cookieless Deal Library offers a comprehensive range of alternatives to third-party cookies, giving advertisers the opportunity to test and compare these solutions and find the best fit for their campaigns. This is a significant step towards a cookieless future, and with Google's deprecation of cookies looming, it's more important than ever for advertisers to stay ahead of the curve. So, don't wait any longer – subscribe to MarTech Daily for the latest updates and insights on all things marketing technology.

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