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"Revolutionize Your Virtual Meetings with StreamAlive: The Visual Jam"

As technology-savvy business professionals, we spend a lot of time in video conferences, video meet-ups, and webinars. We are all familiar with the chat windows that automatically scroll to the latest content, where people and their messages come and go in an instant. But did you know there's a different way to engage in these virtual meetings? Introducing The Visual Jam, a meet-up community for visual thinkers that is evolving into a business start-up. Co-founders, Pardeep "Paddy" Dhanda and Grant Wright, have a background in business analysis and agile software development. They connected at community events a few years ago and discovered their shared interest in using hand-drawn visuals to enhance their work and presentations. This led them to create The Visual Jam meet-up community in Birmingham, UK. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to adapt and launch The Visual Jam virtually in August 2020. The meet-up started as a way for them to learn more about visual thinking, but it quickly evolved into something more. So what exactly is visual thinking? It's the use of visuals to articulate messages and communicate ideas. Similar to agile methodology, it's an all-encompassing term that can be used to enhance collaboration, simplify information, and even improve graphic design. The Visual Jam has remained virtual for the time being, but there are plans for in-person events later this year. The meet-up initially used Zoom and the Miro visual workspace app, but then they discovered StreamAlive. This app allows for a more engaging and interactive experience during virtual meetings. For example, participant locations appear on a world map as soon as they're typed in the chat, and polls can be created and displayed in real-time. It even has a spinning wheel feature for picking winners of prizes. Additionally, StreamAlive can gather all the questions and links shared in the chat and display them for the presenters, making it easier to manage and address them. The co-founders of StreamAlive, Lux Narayan, saw the need for a solution like this after attending numerous online courses and meetings during the pandemic. He and his team were able to create a platform that integrates with popular video meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. And the best part? It's not just limited to virtual meetings. StreamAlive can also be used in in-person settings, making it the perfect solution for hybrid events. With the incorporation of generative AI, StreamAlive has even more potential to enhance virtual meetings. It can create natural language prompts and respond to prompts in the chat, making the entire experience more engaging and interactive. So the next time you're in a virtual meeting, why not try out StreamAlive and see how it transforms your experience? With its visual chat experience, it's sure to make your meetings more dynamic and enjoyable. Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your virtual meetings.

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