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"HubSpot's August 2023 Release: AI-driven Tools and Improved Forecasting & Reporting"

HubSpot has released a plethora of new features in August 2023 to help streamline processes for technology-savvy business professionals. These include AI-driven tools for creating and editing social media captions, summarising email threads, and forecasting and reporting capabilities. There are also commerce/payments updates, Sales Hub overhaul, Service Hub user availability, SMS and workflow email enhancements and enablement updates.

AI-driven tools have been released to speed up social media post creation and help summarise long email threads in one click. In addition, HubSpot Invoices has been released to help speed up sales and payment collections, and reduce the possibility of human error.

Forecasting and reporting functionality has been improved with new creation wizards and goal templates, as well as the new sales velocity report to help analyse sales performance. There are also two campaign metrics that will be sunset, with the new revenue data section replacing them.

The Sales Hub overhaul continues with new features such as customised lead form routing to book meetings, A/B testing of sequence steps, and the ability to enrol in HubSpot sequences and book HubSpot meetings within Salesforce. Service Hub user availability has been improved with automated email and form assignment based on availability, and playbooks can now be easily created with embedded HubSpot content tools.

Finally, SMS and workflow email enhancements have been released, including native bulk-SMS tools for US customers, and the ability to cancel emails in workflows if they are underperforming. Enablement updates include educational playlists in HubSpot Academy, and the CRM record pane editor to personalise the middle record pane for individual teams and users.

HubSpot's new features are sure to help business professionals save time and make better decisions, while better managing their sales teams and processes.

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