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Using Programmatic Ad Campaigns to Drive Business Success in B2B

Programmatic ad campaigns are essential for driving business success in B2B. To get the most out of them, marketers must get customer segmentation right by understanding the behaviors of very small, specific groups. Annamarie Andrews, VP for global marketing at Cielo, an international talent acquisition partner, shared her insights from two programmatic B2B ad campaigns. For the global brand effort, they used 6Sense Targeting to reach more than 160 accounts. For the U.S. demand campaigns, they constructed personas based on demographic and psychographic data, and tailored the messaging accordingly. They also shifted to an account-based marketing approach and considered what the customer experience should be when they go from an ad to a landing page or offer. The biggest draw of programmatic advertising is automation, but Andrews warns against ‘set it and forget it’, missing out on key data. After running a month-long campaign, they analysed detailed URLs to determine which sites the ads were served to, and removed those that were underperforming or not in line with their brand. The brand campaign was measured on impressions delivered, and the demand campaign saw positive indicators in terms of deal velocity, increase in win rates, and other measures. This demonstrates the importance of tailoring to the buying stage and industry. Programmatic ad campaigns are essential for driving business success in B2B, and marketers should take a targeted and tailored approach. Getting to know customers better, analysing data, and understanding where they are in the buying process are all key for success.

Originally reported by Martech:
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