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Unlocking the Benefits of CTV Advertising: 4 Tips for Marketers

Connected TV (CTV) targeting is revolutionizing advertising and offers increased precision, measurement, and unique advertising opportunities compared to traditional TV advertising. The shift in viewing habits has led to an overall increase in ad spend, with CTV ad spend likely to exceed $31 billion in 2024. This surge has also led streaming services to develop new ad formats better suited to the environment. For marketers looking to get the most out of CTV advertising, four key tips to keep in mind are: targeting fraud-free and premium inventory, measuring and attributing campaigns, utilizing enriched viewership data, and revamping ad formats. Targeting fraud-free and premium inventory is essential in CTV advertising to ensure brand safety and high engagement. Measurement and attribution are also key, as CTV technology tracks how many people saw an ad, how long they watched it, and whether they engaged with it. Enriched viewership data, such as IP addresses and other device IDs, can be used to build audience insights for deeper segmentation and traffic monitoring. Finally, marketers can get creative with ad formats, such as narrative-style campaigns that tell a story across multiple commercial breaks. As CTV advertising is set to become an increasingly critical part of the overall advertising landscape, marketers must adapt to take full advantage of its benefits. By following the four tips above, brands and marketers can create data-driven targeted ads to find new customers, build relationships with existing clients, and ultimately drive more brand awareness and sales.

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