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Stay Informed on Event Marketing: Industry Experts David Adler, Rafat Ali, Will Curran, Dahlia El Gazzar, Kate Patay, Julius Solaris

Event marketing combines the sizzle and the steak of live marketing. To stay ahead of the curve and informed on best practices, follow these industry experts. David Adler is the CEO and founder of BizBash and a former VP of Corporate Communications for media companies. Rafat Ali is the founder of Skift Meetings and previously ran paidContent and ContentNext. Will Curran is the founder of Endless Events and creator of the #EventProfs community. Dahlia El Gazzar is the founder and CEO of DAHLIA+Agency and an influencer in event tech. Kate Patay is a CPCE, CSO of Patay Consulting, and chair of Search Foundation. Julius Solaris is a keynote speaker in the event industry and Founder and CEO of Boldpush.

David Adler
LinkedIn: David-Adler (31K followers)
Twitter: DavidAdler (51.5K followers)

Rafat Ali
LinkedIn: RafataAli (477K followers)
Twitter: Rafat (38K followers)

Will Curran
Organization: #EventProfs Community
LinkedIn: WillCurran (26K followers)
Twitter: ItsWillCurran (6K followers)

Dahlia El Gazzar
LinkedIn: DahliaElGazzar (21K followers)
Twitter: DahliaElGazzar (5K followers)

Kate Patay
LinkedIn: KatePatay (13K followers)
Instagram: KatePatay (7.5K followers)
Twitter: KatePatay (1.6K followers)

Julius Solaris
LinkedIn: JuliusSolaris (27K followers)
Twitter: ToJulius (19K followers)

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in event marketing with these industry experts. David Adler, Rafat Ali, Will Curran, Dahlia El Gazzar, Kate Patay, and Julius Solaris are all influencers in the field. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms for advice and tips on AI and marketing, email marketing, B2B marketing, and more.

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