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Petco's Successful Customer-First Strategy with CRM

National retailer Petco implemented a customer relations management (CRM) solution to drive a new customer-first strategy and saw impressive results, with email opens rising 30% and click rates jumping 50%. They achieved this success by creating hyper-personalised email campaigns, using data in the CRM to run campaigns and experiences, and incorporating AI-powered recommendations.

Petco built out a hyper-personalized email program that sent monthly “health reports” to pet parents in their CRM. The reports include areas where pet parents are doing well, as well as education on areas for improvement, allowing them to do a good job of taking care of their pets.

To get the most out of its CRM, Petco partnered with Jam, a CRM-focused agency. Customer data from user interactions is aggregated in the CRM and used in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for activations like email campaigns or digital experience on Petco’s properties.

Using the rich data from customer interactions, Petco no longer looks at emails as a single message. Instead, they are building conversations through a series of emails and digital experiences. AI-powered recommendations are also used to personalise the customer experience.

The success of Petco’s CRM solution illustrates the power of customer data in driving customer experience. With the right data and technology, businesses can create hyper-personalised experiences that engage customers and build loyalty.

Originally reported by Martech:
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