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HubSpot January Updates: Manage Customer Interactions and Secure Data

January saw the release of several updates from HubSpot, designed to help technology-savvy business professionals better manage and track customer interactions, hold teams accountable and report on marketing email performance. Here's a rundown of the key features.

Create custom goals based on any property
Sales and Service Enterprise now allows you to set custom goals based on any property. Notifications can be set when goals kick off and when they are achieved, exceeded or missed, meaning you can better track, reward, or improve your team’s performance.

Build custom reports using marketing email analytics (beta)
The custom report builder now has marketing email analytics as a data source option. This means you can report on your marketing email performance in new and more relevant ways, tying email performance to other CRM data without having to use multiple tools.

Use HubSpot Subscriptions with free trial offers
If you offer a free trial period for a recurring revenue product or service, you can now use HubSpot Subscriptions by scheduling the subscription on a delay during checkout. This solves a common issue where free trials were previously activated within a product app (outside of HubSpot).

Add a terms of service link to HubSpot Payments
You can now add a terms of service link to the Payments links, meaning customers have to agree to the terms before they can complete a checkout.

Schedule meetings faster using calendar view
Inspire more adoption of HubSpot meetings with the new calendar view when scheduling a meeting on a contact record in the CRM. This means users can view their calendar’s availability inside HubSpot, without having to juggle multiple tabs and tools.

Get a more complete view of customer interactions with inbound calls (beta)
You can now accept inbound calls within HubSpot, including managing missed calls and voicemail. This will give you a more complete view of the customer’s interactions with your company, and provide more context to team members for a better chance of selling to or delighting the customer.

Manage user security in one view
The Security Center gives you an understanding of your risk of security incidents in your HubSpot account, built off a checklist of security criteria related to your users and permissions. This is especially important if your company does not have a robust information security team.

Onboard and change notification settings by team preset (beta)
You can now onboard multiple new team members and ensure current team members see the information they need using Team presets for settings such as homepage, language and email signature. This includes presets for notifications, which can help ensure compliance.

HubSpot's January releases are designed to help technology-savvy business professionals better manage and track customer interactions, hold teams accountable and report on marketing email performance. Take advantage of these features to ensure your customer data is secure, your team is working effectively and your customers are delighted.

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