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Haleon's Journey in Social Media Intelligence: From Joint Venture to COVID-19 Acceleration

Social media platforms are a vital arena for consumers to discuss brands that have an impact on their lives. That's why Haleon created an in-house team to own social media for their many over-the-counter products. Haleon was established last year from a joint venture between GSK's and Pfizer's consumer products, which include Advil, Excedrin, Robitussin, Tums and other household brands.

In order to use social media intelligence, or "social intelligence" - tools and strategies to understand what customers are saying about brands and how to leverage that intelligence to boost marketing efforts - Haleon had to define it. It can mean different things in different organizations, so it's important for each business to establish goals and benefits derived from social intelligence operations.

Benefits of social media intelligence include access to customer opinions, feedback on marketing campaigns, learning more about target audiences, and finding out where customers are purchasing products. It also aids in crisis management if customers are speaking negatively about a brand. Haleon set up four main buckets of data to analyse, which related to their own products, competitors, topics related to using these products, and macro and cultural trends.

Haleon began implementing social intelligence tools and strategies a few years ago, with a discovery phase about data mining, vendors and capabilities. After debating the pros and cons of building versus buying a solution, they chose a suite of social intelligence tools developed by Meltwater. Just as Haleon was ready to test pilot some of their social media intelligence capabilities, the world changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and many consumers upped their use of digital channels. This accelerated the demand and interest for social media listening, and as a result, Haleon has a better understanding of how consumers feel about their products, and can join the conversation on larger issues in a relevant way.

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