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ChatGPT-Enhanced Tool from Fluency: Automating Digital Ad Campaigns

The news is awash with speculation about how ChatGPT and GPT-3 technologies might disrupt countless industries, yet there are few real-world examples of the technology in action. Fluency, a leader in AI-enabled advertising technologies, recently launched Muse, a ChatGPT-enhanced tool that brings new levels of efficiency to common yet critical parts of the digital marketing workflow.

Muse helps advertising professionals save time by automating three key steps of the ad campaign creation process—keyword generation, headline writing and body text creation—all based on a few simple, curated prompts. It also allows teams to factor in restrictions such as negative keywords and character count limitations, and to easily generate content for a variety of campaign types and platforms, including Google search, Performance Max, Facebook and Pinterest, all from within Fluency’s own Blueprint workflow.

This ChatGPT-enhanced tool is designed to help businesses save time and money while still creating effective digital ad campaigns. Ready to bring new levels of efficiency to your digital marketing workflows? Check out Fluency’s latest blog post to learn more about Fluency’s ChatGPT-enhanced tool.

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