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"Marketing in a Privacy-Centric World: Investing in Solutions for Compliance and ROI"

Data protection and privacy are at the forefront of marketing conversations today, as consumers demand greater control over their data. This year will see a renewed emphasis on regulatory compliance, with five additional U.S. states rolling out new privacy legislation. Companies that do not address the need for data privacy will take a hit in terms of user confidence, credibility and reputation. Marketers must adopt privacy-centric solutions to cater to changing consumer demands, as third-party cookies are increasingly blocked in various browsers. These solutions include consent management platforms, server-side tagging and conversion APIs, and Google's Consent Mode. Consent management platforms (CMPs) are virtually mandatory, as they help block cookie usage unless users consent to storing and tracking their data. CMPs should be customizable, allowing website visitors to easily understand the cookie banner when asking for consent. Server-side tagging and conversion APIs provide full access and control of the data collected, and the ability to transform it before passing it on to vendor platforms. Google's Consent Mode integrates with CMPs to orchestrate GTM tags based on users' opt-in or opt-out preferences. It is important to work with legal and UX/UI teams to identify appropriate solutions for the changing ecosystem, and to invest in multiple platforms that work in tandem with one another. This will help ensure compliance with regulations and consumer mindsets, while measuring the success of marketing campaigns and generating ROI.

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