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"High Technology Hurdles to Personalised Experiences: A Look at Marketers' Challenges"

Only 25% of marketers say they have all the data they need to execute a personalisation strategy, according to a new report from marketing researchers Ascend2. Furthermore, only 19% strongly agreed that their technology was up to the job. This is surprising given the amount of digital transformation that has occurred over the years. The challenges are familiar, but not all technological. Business units may not understand the need for data sharing and may use control of data as a means of leverage within an organisation.

The tech side may suffer from too much innovation with nearly 10,000 martech solutions on the market. While this means there's likely to be something to suit almost any need, the more solutions you use, the more likely you are to run into integration and interoperability issues. 60% of those surveyed agreed somewhat that their marketing technology allows their organisation to execute effective personalised experiences, while 21% disagreed to some extent.

Budget is still the biggest challenge to executing a successful personalisation strategy, with 43% of marketers citing it, up 5% from the year before. Creating/delivering relevant content is the second most cited challenge at 32%, followed by tracking customers through the journey (31%) and having the technology needed (26%).

At this late date in digital transformation, it's important for business professionals to recognise the data and technology issues that may be preventing the full realisation of a personalisation strategy. Having the right technology and utilising data correctly is essential for achieving successful personalisation, and budget and customer expectations must both be managed to ensure success.

Originally reported by Martech:
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